Ice Cream + Cake =A Match Made in Heaven

Whoever said you can’t have your ice cream cake and eat it too? Nuggs Ice Cream offers ice cream cakes for any occasion. Whether you need a birthday cake, graduation cake or a cake for any other event, make it a homemade ice cream cake!

In-House Ice Cream Cakes

Headed to a party and forgot to pick up a cake? Nuggs Ice Cream has a solution for you! We keep handmade ice cream cakes in house for situations just like this. They are 6 inches in diameter and feed approximately 8-10 adults. For only $19.99, these ice cream cakes are sure to make your friends and your wallet happy!

Stop by Nuggs Ice Cream and pick up an ice cream cake today!

Custom Order Cakes

Looking for an ice cream cake made custom just for you? We also work with The Queen of Cakes to provide you with a personalized ice cream cake for any occasion. Ranging between 6-10 inches in diameter, we will order your cake to any theme you need to fit your event. These cakes start at $29.99; however, please give us 72 hour advanced notice for our custom cake designs.

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