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An Ice Cream orSweet Treat for Everyone

At Nuggs Ice Cream, we want everyone to experience the joys of having a cone on a hot summer day or a speciality shake with their friends. We don’t want anyone left out due to dietary restrictions. We make a variety of ice creams and sweet treats for our vegan and gluten free friends and also make sure to take care of those with peanut or tree nut allergies.

Dairy & Gluten Free Options

Are you a vegan? That doesn’t mean you can’t join your friends for some sweet fun at Nuggs Ice Cream! We offer dairy free, vegan ice cream and also make a variety of delicious, seasonal Italian Ice flavors.

We also know that many people have an aversion to gluten but still love to enjoy an ice cream cone. Never fear because most of our ice creams are gluten-free unless otherwise stated. We even have gluten-free sugar cones! At Nuggs Ice Cream, we’ve got you covered regardless of your dietary restrictions.

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Peanut & Tree NutFree Options

We know how serious it is when our guests have allergies, especially when that allergy is to peanuts or tree nuts. We take great caution in making sure our nuts are separate from our other offerings.

When you visit Nuggs Ice Cream, please let us know about your peanut or tree nut allergy and we will work with you to find an ice cream option for you. While we do carry a few flavors that contain nuts, the rest are nut free!

We will do our best to accommodate all our guests with allergies, so stop by Nuggs Ice Cream today to find a treat perfect for you!

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About Nuggs Ice Cream

Nuggs Ice Cream is a local Colorado family business serving Denver’s favorite Ice Cream and Desserts. All of our ice creams and waffle cones are made in-house daily, and we source from local dairies and vendors. Come in and try as many samples as you’d like, we’re sure we make one you’ll love.

General Manager

DeAndré Dowell

Our Location:

5135 E Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
(720) 465-9473


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