This article was originally published on June 20, 2017 by Allyson Reedy
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As of right now, you are on the clock. There are 13 weeks of summer — aka Peak Ice Cream Season — which means that you have, oh, 2,232 hours in which to indulge your frostiest, creamiest dessert fantasies during the season in which they are intended to be indulged.

Your mission: to eat the 13 very best flavors at the 13 very best ice cream parlors.

We went to the pros — the churners, the makers, the tasters of these fine ice cream establishments; the people who know each and every flavor they scoop inside and out — and asked them which flavor is their favorite.

For some, it was like choosing among their children, but we made them do it anyway. Because we’re sick like that.

Whether I scream or you scream or we all scream, over the next 13 weeks we are going to experience this magic in a bowl. Or cone. Or on top of a banana with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Or wedged between two doughnuts. How ever you scoop it, there will be ice cream. And it will be glorious.

The Front Range Summer 2017 Ice Cream List:

1.) Double Stuffed Cookies N Cream at Nuggs Ice Cream
5135 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-465-9473

Nuggs Ice Cream - Flavors - Double Stuffed Cookies N Cream(1)
Double Stuffed Cookies’N’Cream

2.) Salted Oreo at Sweet Cooie’s/Little Man

3.) Eggs Two Ways at High Point Creamery

4.) Lavender Milk Caramel at Frozen Matter

5.) Fruity Pebbles at Ice Cream Riot

6.) Wasabi Peach at Liks

7.) Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel at Glacier

8.) S’mores at Chaos & Cream

9.) Lemon Crunch and Strawberry Basil at Inside Scoop Creamery

10.) Sweet Corn at Sweet Cow

11.) Malted Matzo Toff at Josh & John’s

12.) Salted Butterscotch at Sweet Action Ice Cream

13.) Darth Walrus at Walrus Ice Cream Co.

Here are a few more ice cream parlors around the state worthy of a road trip detour. Or just a road trip:

Cream Bean Berry in Durango

Rock House Ice Cream in Palmer Lake

Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream in Crested Butte

Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction

Café Ridgway A La Mode in Ridgway

Chocolate Moose Ice Cream Parlor in Glenwood Springs

Ice cream of the week: Salted Oreo at Sweet Cooie’s/Little Man

I’ll start with Little Man because if you want a scoop this summer, you’ll probably need to get in line now. Or you can skip the never-ending queue at the Man and try Sweet Cooie’s, its retro-inspired, lower-key sister parlor in Congress Park. Cooie’s serves the same Little Man ice cream you know and love, plus a few of its own unique flavors.

“Hands-down our most popular flavor among both customers and staff is our Salted Oreo,” said Chelsea Berman, Kitchen Manager for Little Man Ice Cream. “This is a salty vanilla ice cream with Oreo pieces mixed throughout.”

And salty it is. You’ll pick up the slightly sour, briny flavor of the salt while it simultaneously intensifies the sweetness of the Oreos. It’s the perfect sweet/salty combo that hits all the taste buds.