June 21, 2017

7 Ice Cream Creations You Can’t Miss

Summer is in full swing—the clothing sticking to our back says so. Of course, there is no better way to cool down than with your favorite cone in hand. This summer, instead of opting for your tried and true flavor, break out of the cone and explore some truly inventive ice cream creations made right here in Denver.

This article was written by Morgan Carter and published by Dining Out Denver & Boulder in June 2017. View the original article here.

Keep your cool this summer with these delicious frozen treats.

Summer is in full swing—the clothing sticking to our back says so. Of course, there is no better way to cool down than with your favorite cone in hand. This summer, instead of opting for your tried and true flavor, break out of the cone and explore some truly inventive ice cream creations made right here in Denver.

Taco Tuesdays at Nuggs Ice Cream

We’ll admit, we love tacos in every form. And at Nuggs Ice Cream {5135 East Colfax Avenue, Denver; 720.465.9473} we’ve found a new type of taco to drool over—the waffle taco. The folks at Nuggs have drummed up their own version of “Taco Tuesday,” where you can order three scoops of your choosing (vegan options are available), complete with unlimited toppings, served on a gluten-free shell.

Shaved snow at Snowlab

Snow in the summer? It’s possible—it is Colorado after all. But the folks at Snowlab {4360 East Evans Avenue, Denver; 720.663.8886} have made it a definite reality. Offering guilt-free eats, this fluffy, melt in your mouth treat is perfect for those hot days ahead. Bonus? The base behind this Taiwanese dessert is soy milk—perfect for vegan and lactose intolerant eaters.

Unique Flavors at Sweet Action Ice Cream

Honey Jalapeño Pickle. May sound weird to you but at Sweet Action Ice Cream {52 Broadway, Denver; 303.282.4645} it sounds like a best seller. Using pickles from The Real Dill, this unique treat runs out surprisingly fast. Never fear; Sweet Action offers a variety of interesting scoops on rotation such as Tequila Jalapeño Cream Cheese to the sweet Horchata.

Thai treats at Chaos & Cream

Ice cream is best on the go, and at Chaos & Cream {720.504.7655}, it is as mobile as it gets. Inspired by ice cream carts found on the streets of Thailand, this mobile cart houses two 18-inch compressor-powered surfaces, cooled to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Add in fresh ingredients and flavored cream, and watch your ice cream be chopped, smoothed, and rolled right in front of your eyes. The cart regularly makes appearances at Cherry Creek Fresh Market {1st Avenue and University, Denver}, The Source {3350 Brighton Boulevard, Denver; 720.443.1135}, and has even made it’s way to the ‘burbs. Keep tabs on their Facebook page to see where they roll up next.

Good things come in pairs at Frozen Matter

Scoop and a shot? Only at Frozen Matter {530 East 19th Avenue, Denver; 720.600.6358}. One part ice cream and one part speakeasy—thanks to the secretive drinking haunt, Retrograde—makes Frozen Matter the perfect stop for a little adult fun. Although most of the boozy good times lie behind the freezer door—aka the entrance to the bar—feel free to enjoy a scoop and a shot right inside the parlor. Pick your own spirit and scoop pairing or ask for a recommendation of tried and true combinations like the Strawberries + Cream with a shot of Rum Chata or give your taste buds a whirl with Olive Oil Ice Cream with salt and a glass of Campari.

Nostalgic eats at Ice Cream Riot

Reminisce on the sugary cereals of childhood at Ice Cream Riot {1238 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, 720.475.1853}. Owner Jim McNutt nailed down our sugary breakfast favorites, offering flavors such as Fruity Pebbles, Trix, and Cookie Crisp. For a treat like no other, don’t miss out on the Instagrammable ice cream sandwiches. With a cool scoop of ice cream nestled in-between two Pop Tarts, breakfast never tasted so good.

The Gooie Cooie at Sweet Cooie’s

Little Man Ice Cream’s little sister, Sweet Cooie’s {3506 East 12th Avenue, Denver, 720.550.7140} has truly gained a following all its own. We could chalk it up to the 1950’s vibe or the delightful jewel box truffles, but, if we had to guess, we would have to bet on the mouthwatering treat, The Gooie Cooie. This sweet treat crafted with a healthy scoop of ice cream, nestled between a brioche doughnut, topped with a generous ooze of icing, is certainly a dessert to remember.