This snippet was originally a part of an article published by Olivia Dansky on March 29, 2016. View the original post here.

Life is short, and there is no better way to spend it than by enjoying the Denver mountains, sunshine, and most importantly, the food scene.

Denver is not only the fasting growing city right now for young professionals, but it also has one of the most up and coming food scenes. Growing up in Denver has not only made us appreciate food, but it has lead us to understand how much better local produce tastes, and the benefits of supporting local restaurants and vendors.

Ice Cream Taco at Nuggs Ice Cream

Do ya’ll remember getting Choco Tacos from the ice cream truck that were most likely stale but you loved them anyways? Well I have finally figured out what a Choco Taco should taste like and it was better than I have ever imagined.

Nuggs amazing homemade ice cream surrounded by a fresh waffle taco and topped with sprinkles is like summertime and childhood and nostalgia all wrapped into one little, perfect treat. This is a must.