August 7, 2017

Ice Cream of the Week  Double Stuffed Cookies ‘n Cream

Nobody ever says "There are too many cookies in this ice cream.” This is why Nuggs, a gem of a creamery on Colfax, crams its vanilla-based Double Stuffed Cookies ‘n Cream with so many Double Stuf Oreos that it turns chocolatey.

This article was written by Allyson Reedy and published by The Know on August 7, 2017. View the original article here

“There are too many cookies in this ice cream,” said nobody ever. This is why Nuggs, a gem of a creamery on Colfax, crams its vanilla-based Double Stuffed Cookies ‘n Cream with so many Double Stuf Oreos that it turns chocolatey. It’s chunky, it’s creamy, it’s cookie-y — it’s a cookie lover’s wildest dream come true. The color is so dark that you’d think it was a chocolate-based ‘cream, but alas, manager DeAndre Dowell swears that it’s vanilla and that it’s just all those darned cookies that give it the darker color.

“Double Stuffed Cookies ‘n Cream is not only the Cream Team’s favorite flavor, but it’s hands-down considered the people’s choice in Park Hill,” Dowell said. Is it your choice, too? Grab a cone, step out onto Nuggs’s spacious patio looking out at the unique sights and sounds of Colfax and try it for yourself.

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